Online presence is critical to your success

Jim Jansen, Senior Fellow, Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, highlights growing influence of online sources in deciding consumer purchasing behavior – “Many Americans begin their purchasing experience by doing online research to compare prices, quality, and the reviews of other shoppers. Even if they end up making their purchase in a store, they start their fact-finding and decision-making on the Internet.”

Search engines rule the roost

Digging deeper, the fact emerges that almost 50% of online purchases start with search engines. Among them Google controls about two-third of market share. If you appear in first page of search engine results, you are more likely to get discovered by consumers.

Organic search ranking better than paid Ads

Google and other search engines provide paid advertisement features, known as Google Ads, PPC, etc. But the free search results are more than twice likely to be clicked than paid ones. Paid Ads are short cuts when you can’t get high organic (free) ranks.