It is one of the most popular opensource programming language

Our PHP services:

  • PHP Web Application Development
  • PHP Product Development
  • PHP Porting and Migration
  • PHP Content Management System
  • PHP Support and Maintenance
  • PHP QA/Testing services

It is opensource and free. Apache/MySQL/PHP is the most popular web site platform. Due to it being an open source and low cost of deployment due to very economical shared hosting options, it is platform of choice for small and medium size websites. It is visible from global interest in search for websites java, .net and php.

Large number of free solutions in PHP

You have large number of free/opensource applications and solutions in PHP. Many most popular web solution are written in PHP, e.g.,

PHP has cost of development

With large number of open source solutions and templates in PHP, it can be used for rapid development for small and medium web based solutions. There are large number of frameworks in PHP which give you robust foundation for rapid custom software development. Some of notable frameworks we support in PHP are:

  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • Zend

CodeIgniter is the most growing framework:

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