Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. The technology is being used increasingly in the enterprise for Web application development and by IT administrators for system and network management programming.

Our Perl services:

  • Perl application development
  • Perl Web development
  • Perl Script development
  • Perl CMS development and deployment
  • Perl Software support and maintenance
  • Perl Integration
  • Perl QA/testing

Why Perl

  • Perl is free: Perl, Apache, and related technologies are open source and free. On-going overhead cost to vendors for code that continues to run is $0.
  • Perl runs basic CGI and is the language that made CGI ubiquitous on the web.
  • mod_perl is an advanced implementation of Perl that runs in the Apache web server. It provides extremely fast performance and full access to Apache internals via Perl.
  • DB interaction: Perl provides an excellent interface to nearly all available databases, along with an abstraction layer that allows you to switch databases without re-writing all of our code.
  • re-usable code architecture (modules, OO, etc.): Perl is architected to allow and encourage re-use. The core block of re-use, the module, makes it very easy to leverage business logic across platforms in web applications, batch scripts, and all sorts of integration components.
  • CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, is one of the largest repositories of free code in the world. If you need a particular type of functionality, chances are there are several options on the CPAN, and there are no fees or ongoing costs for using it.
  • Multi-use: Perl can be used to develop Web apps, batch processing, data analysis and text manipulation, command-line utilities and apps, GUI apps.
  • Multi-language integration: can interact with C, C++, Java, etc. from within Perl code.
  • Multi-platform: Perl runs on Linux, MS Windows and many other platforms

Four reasons you should use Perl for your web development

  • Ideal web programming language: Perl is an ideal web programming language due to its text manipulation capabilities and rapid development cycle.
  • Web Frameworks: There are many web frameworks written in Perl, a leading one is Catalystexternal link.
  • Database integration: Perl’s DBIexternal link package makes web-database integration easy. DBIx::Classexternal link – is available as an Object Relational Mapper.
  • Web modules: CPANexternal link offers thousands of modules, so almost any task you need to accomplish will be made easier, from URL or image manipulation, to Amazon EC2 APIs and much more.

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