SugarCRM is free CRM software with rich functionality, which allows for customer relationship management in an enterprise of any size. Open Source allows for unlimited modification of source code. It means that the system can be completely customized to meet user’s needs. SugarCRM is based on modern web technologies. Its basic functionality allows for managing relations with business partners, business projects and sales. Furthermore, SugarCRM supports collaboration and communication between co-workers.

SugarCRM benefits

  1. Rich functionality for establishing and sustaining customer relationships
  2. Marketing and campaign management automation
  3. Open Source allows for unlimited software modification to meet customers’ requirements
  4. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  5. The possibility of development of the software by installing additional free plug-in extensions
  6. Scalability – the system does not lose efficiency, even when its complexity grows
  7. Easy and intuitive graphic interface and access by website browser without any need of installing additional software
  8. Easy data import and export from and to other systems
  9. Compatibility with the most famous used systems like Linux or Windows
  10. High level of self customization of the system view